How to detox for a drug test

There are various home remedies to pass a drug test, but none of these gonna get weed out of your system fast, these methods usually require a couple of weeks, so it’s far from fast, but you can use them as an addition to your detox plans. If you wanna get THC out of your system fast, like within 24 hours then you will need to use detox drinks for a drug test. Its a temporary solution, but it works very well and gonna get you through the drug test, in this article I will mention these methods. For more info on how to detox your system, click for detailed info.

Goldenseal Tea to speed out getting toxins out of your system

Golden Seal if you have never heard of it… you can get it at your nearest vitamin shop and GNC. I recommend taking these pills daily and drink a jug of water. lots and lots of water. With that being said. You also need to exercise more like running. It will help remove fat and THC out of your body. You can’t be lazy about it.

Because the water, in general, is in our bodies. Our bodies are made up of 70% water which is why it’s key to drink water our body already detoxes on a regular basis it might not detox as fast as some supplements do but it does.

Drink and eat healthy. which means get rid of eating fatty acids, fried foods, such as fried chicken, shrimp, etc. Eat more green vegetables, get rid of eating sugary foods. replace them with fruit such as apples, grapes, etc. Natural sugars.

Most importantly drink water only and exercise daily. There is no way of passing a drug test in 24 hours unless you use some type of drink that gets rid of it. which isn’t good for your body because none of that stuff is natural. Also depending on your weight and how much you smoke for a lot more hefty people I suggest following the suggestions this guy is considering.

But keep it in mind, it’s not going to detox your system overnight, you will need to take detox pills and as I said it above, change your diet work out and drink lots of water. This method works very well if you have 1 week before the drug test, however, there are other ways to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours, and it doesn’t require any sacrifice.

How To Detox Fast

Actually, this way is not really detox, but it will get THC and other toxins out of your system temporarily, so you can pass the test. This method requires a bottle of Rescue Cleanse 32Oz. This is the best and strongest detox drink for drug test what you can get. It’s important to stop using drugs in the last few days before the test. One or two hours before the drug test drink the entire contents of the bottle, then refill it with clean water twice, jug it down and try to urinate three times before the test.

It’s very important to urinate three times before the dirty urine with toxins must leave your system. After its done, you will give clean urine in the next couple of hours. Like I said this method is only a temporary solution but it works every time. I have passed a couple of urine test in the last two years, and I always used detox drinks. Combine these drinks with home remedies, alter your lifestyle and you will pass your test easily.

If you have at least two weeks spare and you really want to get THC out of your system, then I highly suggest you to do above mention natural detoxification method combined with toxin rid detox pills. This way you will eliminate all the toxins in your saliva, urine, and blood for good. For non-heavy smokers 5 days should be enough to clean your system of toxins, for heavy users, its recommended to take the 10 days program minimum.

Final Words

Its not impossible to get weed out of your system fast, I mean relatively fast, but it will cost you some money and it requires a slight lifestyle change, if you don’t care about getting clean just want to pass tat urine test as fast as possible and as safely as possible, then I suggest you to use synthetic urine of detox drinks for your upcoming drug test. These products are really high quality and basically undetectable. I will write some detox products reviews in my next article, stay tuned!