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There are 3 main ways to pass a drug test if we don’t count natural detox, these are detox drinks, pills, and fake urine. In this synthetic urine review, I will tell you what are the best and also what are the worst synthetic urine brands that you should avoid like the plague. I recently had a urine drug test at LabCorp and I passed it easily, however, I heard stories from my co-workers who have failed their test with synthetic urine and they didn’t get their promotion because of that. So there are good quality fake urine brands and very bad ones, quality matters and also a few other things what I will mention in this quick fake urine review.

Bad Quality Synthetic Urine = Fail

There are many fake urine brands on the market that I would never use for a drug test, some of them are actually marketed as fetish urine. It might be good for some kinky sex play, but they are unable to pass a modern urine lab test. Every synthetic urine must contain urea, uric acid and a few other chemicals that are present in real human urine. Ph and gravity are also very important, recently labs check the sample much more carefully than before, if any of the above-mentioned chemicals are not in the urine they will fail you without hesitation.

There are some unnatural chemicals in most fake urine brands these are called biocides. I am not an expert on this field, but as I know these chemicals are used to preserve urine. If a lab checks the presence of these preservation chemicals or any other unnatural chemical that is usually found in synthetic urine but not in real pee, then again you will fail. Like I said labs became much smarter and they do these checks much more carefully. I remember back in the days, you could pass a test easily with some yellow colored water, the only thing labs checked was the temperature, but those good old days are long gone. For more info on the required chemicals visit this website, everything you need to know about fake urine is there.

Synthetic Urine reviews: Brand I Would Not Recommend

Old brands that once were popular are no good anymore. I am talking about very old brands like Magnum synthetic urine, U Pass, Xstream, these three are probably the oldest, but Agent X, Ultra Klean, Jet Clean, Synthetix 5 are all crap, I would not recommend any of these. They don’t contain the necessary chemicals, they are loaded with unnatural chemicals such as biocides, plus none of them look like real human urine. It’s not the most important factor, but a good quality fake urine brand must look and smell like real human urine. The best synthetic urine brands look exactly as human pee, without checking them very closely you will never see the difference.

If you are serious about passing your drug test just stay away from the above-mentioned brands. They are not particulary cheaper than the premium ones, but using them is a sure way to fail. Another thing I would like to mention is that all of these brands come with heating pads only. Keeping your sample on the right temperature is probably the most important, but with heatpads, it’s not an easy task. I would recommend heat activator powder instead, but this stuff comes with the highest quality synthetic urine brands only.

 synthetic urine reviews

The Top 3 Best Synthetic Urine Brands

The best synthetic urine brands are Quick Luck, Sub Solution, and Quick fix synthetic urine. If I would have to name 5 brands, I would say Monkey Whizz and Testclear’s powdered urine are number 4 and 5, but if you can choose I would go with one from the top 3. Both Sub Solution and Quick Luck come with urea, uric acid and a bunch of other chemicals that are present in real human pee. They also look and smell like real pee. They bought come with heat activator powder so bringing it to the correct temperature is very easy.

The main reason why people fail their drug test using synthetic urine is that the temperature is not on the right level if it’s just a little bit too cold or too hot you fail. That’s why it’s important to use some reliable way to heat up your sample. Cheap brands come with heating pads, these are cheap Chinese stuff and they are extremely unreliable. Some of these doesn’t work at all, you heated up your sample in the microwave ready to go to the lab, but the heating pad doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t start heating, i happened so many times if you didn’t buy two or don’t have a plan B you can be in very serious trouble. If you want to be 100% sure your sample is on the right temperature you should go with heat activator powder and forget about cheap solutions. It always work and even a child could use it. You can read more on how to keep urine warm for a drug test in this article.

The only downside is their price, Sub Solution costs 80$ while Quick Luck costs 100$. If you can not afford them, I would suggest Quick fix synthetic urine as the third option. Its formula is not so complex, it doesn’t come with heat activator, but its good enough to pass a simple pre-employment drug test. The conclusion of my synthetic urine review is to avoid low-quality brands, invest some extra cash and buy something that actually works. Before buying anything, always check out other synthetic urine reviews to have a clear picture, do not rely on one review only.